Dr. Ro Carson

Senior Consultant

Ro Carson, Ph.D. achieved her degree at George Washington University in the American Studies field. In addition to achieving her doctorate degree, Ro has been a passionate DEI and adult learning consultant, author, and podcast host. Prior to attending George Washington University, Carson was a high school Social Studies teacher in Dallas, Texas. Her experience both in and outside of the classroom led her to pursue a graduate degree in American Studies. Ro plans to use what she learned about race and identity in the American Studies program to continue decolonizing spaces, adding seats to the table, and creating an affirming space for often marginalized voices to be both heard and prioritized. Carson's area of focus includes race, gender, sexuality, media studies, and U.S. history.

Dr. Ro is a culturally conscious leader and seasoned people and systems strategist with advanced education in educational leadership, American history and culture, and human resources. She utilizes her skills to design, manage, and execute experiences and curate environments where people feel changed, charged, and informed.

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