Kim Denning

Senior Consultant

Kim Denning is a passionate Latina from Texas who unapologetically advocates for equity and justice. She thrives when helping professionals achieve success and a sense of belonging. Her commitment for EDI work is rooted in her experiences growing up on the border in El Paso, Texas, as well as in her experience as a teacher and professor at The University of Texas at Austin. Kim has a deep understanding of equity in K-12 and higher education with more than 17+ years in the education sector. 

Kim is an active member of her community, volunteering with various organizations, including the grassroots organization, Educators in Solidarity (EIS). Alongside other members of EIS, she actively works to address problems in public education while advocating for advancements such as restorative practices and culturally responsive teaching methods. During the 2019 Texas Legislative session, she served as a Teach Plus policy fellow, working with colleagues to successfully expand mental health support for Texas K-12 students.

She holds a Master of Arts in American History and believes the abolition of racism cannot occur without understanding the root causes of injustice and oppression. She is a firm believer that strategic and community-centered EDI efforts will help to ensure the success and sustainability of any organization.

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