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Is your organization doing performative or transformative DEI? 

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Unlocking the Power of Inclusion with Solution Co.

Solution Consulting Co. was founded on the belief that organizations should be doing more to create equitable and inclusive workplaces. We work with mission-driven organizations who want to go beyond performative diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and actually achieve transformational change. We offer training, coaching, and consulting services that help our clients move from awareness to action and build an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. Our goal is to help our clients create a world where all people are valued and have access to opportunity.

Building a Culture of Inclusion

We understand the importance of creating a culture of inclusion in the workplace. Our DEI strategies focus on building a diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone feels respected, valued, and appreciated. We provide practical strategies that help foster an inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone feels safe and supported.

Actionable DEI Strategies

Solution Co. offers an array of actionable DEI strategies to help organizations unlock the power of inclusion. Our comprehensive approach to DEI is designed to create an environment of belonging and acceptance, while driving innovation and maximizing impact. We provide tailored strategies that meet the unique needs of each organization, ensuring that their DEI goals are reached.

Maximizing Impact

Our DEI strategies are designed to maximize impact, driving innovation and transforming your organization. We use evidence-based research to create practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. Our focus is on creating measurable outcomes that will help you reach your DEI goals and maximize the impact of your organization.

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Redefine Your DEI Practices from Performative to Transformative

Are you ready to go beyond performative efforts and create lasting, systemic change in diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

Whether you're new to DEI or a long-term equity warrior, you realize that your organization is not as diverse, equitable, or as inclusive as it could be. You're not OK with sitting on the sidelines, observing company and cultural inequities.

Solution Co. is here to help. With Solution Co., you'll get access to experts who have the experience and knowledge needed to create real, lasting change.


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Join us as we delve into the complexities of identity, uncover the nuances of privilege, and explore how power dynamics impact our personal and professional lives. Our distinguished panel of experts and industry leaders will share their insights, experiences, and strategies, providing you with valuable perspectives on fostering inclusivity and dismantling systemic barriers.


Join us for an enlightening and immersive experience that will equip you with the tools and strategies to foster understanding, collaboration, and empathy in your personal and professional interactions. We focus on exploring the transformative power of inclusive communication. Let's break down barriers, celebrate diversity, and build a more connected and inclusive world.

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