Masterclass: Skills for Inclusive Communication

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Dear Equity Warriors,

In a world where words can be so polarizing and divisive, learning the skills for inclusive communication is more important than ever. From listening to understanding different perspectives, these skills enable us to connect with one another in a way that is both productive and respectful. By taking the time to develop our communication skills, we can foster greater understanding and connection with those around us, helping to create an atmosphere of inclusion in our world.

Last week we hosted our very first masterclass in our monthly series of learning on this very topic. We wanted to tackle this topic because there's so much at stake if we do nothing. Don't miss out on the valuable insights we shared - you can catch the replay, get the participant guide, and download our Inclusive Language Guide here.

We were joined by such a wonderful group of diverse and engaged participants from Georgia, Colorado, New Zealand, Dubai and beyond! Some of their highlights and key takeaways from the session were:

  • Inclusive communication is crucial for everyone to understand and implement if your organization is looking for a team approach.
  • I really appreciated the guidance on accessible communication. Lots of concrete examples.
  • I loved what you shared about acknowledging intersectionality in communication and I appreciated the distinction between safe vs. brave spaces and how most work places are safe, not brave spaces.
  • A key takeaway from this session is to lead with empathy and curiosity.
  • I learned of ways to approach real-life situations and how to handle myself with grace.

Don't forget to register for the next masterclass on Championing DEI in the Workplace on September 7th at 12:00-1:15PM ET.

If you're interested in continuing the conversation and diving in beyond the masterclass series, consider applying to the Equity Impact Hub 2.0, a community of practice for diversity, equity, and inclusion advocates and change agents that provides you the tools, templates, resources, and expertise you need to drive transformative change in your organization. In the Hub, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network and collaborate with other like-minded change agents
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  • Get coaching and upskill for promotion or inclusive leadership development
  • Meet required continuous learning and education requirements
  • Explore a career change or pivot

 We're accepting applications for founding members until September 1, 2023. Apply here!


In equity and solidarity,

Tenisha "Ava" Williams

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